ISO 9001 and AS9100 Consulting Services for Manufacturing Industries


ISO 9001 Consulting, Training and Auditing

Industrial Manufacturing

We advise on growth strategy execution and market best practice for industrial manufacturing and trade, conducting testing and conformity assessments to ensure that processes and projects meet all quality and performance requirements and minimize the environmental impact of industry.

Industrial manufacturing covers a wealth of business areas from pharmaceuticals to farm machinery, aerospace to automotive and everything in between. Manufacturing is invariably complex, requires tremendous attention to standards and regulations, needs compliance with quality, health and safety legislation and, often, international regulations.

At Assurance Consulting, we have a comprehensive suite of services to help manufacturing processes run smoothly – whether you are fabricating components, or finished products to be sold directly to consumers. As one of the best certification, verification and consulting companies in California, we understand the business of manufacturing, from process control to logistics.

Access to extensive Professional ISO 9001 Consulting Expertise

Our ISO 9001 Consultants have had a wide range of industrial and business exposure, which means we can provide you with a person that is familiar with your industry when you want to become ISO 9001 accredited. You can use us on an ad-hoc basis for an hour or two at a time, or we can do spot in-house ISO 9001 audits for you, or we can provide a complete ISO 9001 Consultant Service to develop your ISO 9001 compliant system and make it ready for the ISO 9001 Accreditation Audit.

Wide range of Businesses and Industries Supported

Our clients come from original equipment manufacturing, professional services provision, resources and mining, process and chemical industries, information technology designers and providers, and sub-contracted trades and labor suppliers. When they needed help in establishing document management, or with developing procedures, or to structure their quality management system in preparation for ISO 9001 certification, they reached out to Assurance Consulting for assistance.

Contact Assurance Consulting, and you will find that we have services such as product certification, in-plant and operational support, quality control, and management systems certification. Our experience and wide-ranging skills allow us to adept at helping you build a better, stronger, more competitive and profitable business. We can help ensure that both your products and processes comply with regulations that relate specifically to your area of manufacturing – and help you to prove that you are fully compliant with legislation.

Assurance Consulting Offers internal audit support services to businesses and organizations in California, Arizona and Nevada. Our Service areas include the Greater Los Angeles Area, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Palm Springs, Fresno, Stockton, Sacramento, San Jose, Las Vegas, Henderson and Phoenix.

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